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Stephan Lucka
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Limi­ta­tion of lia­bi­lity for inter­nal con­tent

The con­tent of our web­site has been com­pi­led with meti­cu­lous care and to the best of our know­ledge. Howe­ver, we can­not assume any lia­bi­lity for the up-to-daten­ess, com­ple­ten­ess or accu­racy of any of the pages.

Pur­suant to sec­tion 7, para. 1 of the TMG (Tele­me­di­en­ge­setz – Tele Media Act by Ger­man law), we as ser­vice pro­vi­ders are lia­ble for our own con­tent on these pages in accor­dance with gene­ral laws. Howe­ver, pur­suant to sec­tions 8 to 10 of the TMG, we as ser­vice pro­vi­ders are not under obli­ga­tion to moni­tor exter­nal infor­ma­tion pro­vi­ded or stored on our web­site. Once we have become aware of a spe­ci­fic infrin­ge­ment of the law, we will imme­dia­tely remove the con­tent in ques­tion. Any lia­bi­lity con­cerning this mat­ter can only be assu­med from the point in time at which the infrin­ge­ment beco­mes known to us.

Limi­ta­tion of lia­bi­lity for exter­nal links

Our web­site con­ta­ins links to the web­sites of third par­ties (“exter­nal links”). As the con­tent of these web­sites is not under our con­trol, we can­not assume any lia­bi­lity for such exter­nal con­tent. In all cases, the pro­vi­der of infor­ma­tion of the lin­ked web­sites is lia­ble for the con­tent and accu­racy of the infor­ma­tion pro­vi­ded. At the point in time when the links were pla­ced, no infrin­ge­ments of the law were recognisa­ble to us. As soon as an infrin­ge­ment of the law beco­mes known to us, we will imme­dia­tely remove the link in ques­tion.


The con­tent and works publis­hed on this web­site are gover­ned by the copy­right laws of Ger­many. Any dupli­ca­tion, pro­ces­sing, dis­tri­bu­tion or any form of uti­li­sa­tion bey­ond the scope of copy­right law shall require the prior writ­ten con­sent of the aut­hor or aut­hors in ques­tion.

Data pro­tec­tion

A visit to our web­site can result in the sto­rage on our ser­ver of infor­ma­tion about the access (date, time, page acces­sed). This does not repre­sent any ana­ly­sis of per­so­nal data (e.g., name, address or e-mail address). If per­so­nal data are collec­ted, this only occurs – to the extent pos­si­ble – with the prior con­sent of the user of the web­site. Any for­war­ding of the data to third par­ties without the express con­sent of the user shall not take place.

We would like to expressly point out that the trans­mis­sion of data via the Inter­net (e.g., by e-mail) can offer secu­rity vul­nera­bi­li­ties. It is the­re­fore impos­si­ble to safe­guard the data com­ple­tely against access by third par­ties. We can­not assume any lia­bi­lity for damages ari­sing as a result of such secu­rity vul­nera­bi­li­ties.

The use by third par­ties of all publis­hed con­tact details for the pur­pose of adver­ti­sing is expressly exclu­ded. We reserve the right to take legal steps in the case of the unso­li­ci­ted sen­ding of adver­ti­sing infor­ma­tion; e.g., by means of spam mail.

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